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 Introduction to Xuzi

Shenzhen Xuzi Technology Co., Ltd


Shenzhen Xuzi Technology Co., Ltd., established in December 2003, is located in Chiwan Industrial Park, a beautiful military industrial base in Shenzhen. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in developing high-end input equipment and information security processing solutions.


Xuzi all colleagues uphold the concept of "military design, rational choice", through continuous technological innovation, new product research and development to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. The company has passed the certification of ios9001:2008 quality management system, ISO14001 and iso45001 environmental and occupational health and safety management system certification, and implemented in strict accordance with the management system standards in daily operation and management. The company has passed a series of honors and product certification certificates issued by national bank card testing center, national password Commission, international PCI Security Standards Committee and other institutions.


After a long period of market research and on-the-spot investigation, Xuzi technology has jointly launched a self-service terminal for helping farmers with UnionPay business. In response to the national policy of Inclusive Finance and serving "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", Xuzi technology has continuously explored and innovated, including POS ATM, POS cash counter, smart cash equipment and a series of financial equipment that meet the needs of the people effectively solve the problem of the last kilometer of financial services in remote areas.


Based on the domestic market, Xuzi technology has steadily carried out international business. Under the guidance of the "belt and road" strategy and in combination with the different needs of countries along the "belt and road", Xuzi technology has launched a number of products that meet the needs of the local market, including self-service card issuing equipment and mini Non cash transfer charging equipment, high-speed rail, Metro intelligent ticket vending machine, safety mobile phone charging equipment, health examination terminal and other products meet the needs of different markets along the line.


At the beginning of 2020, the sudden outbreak of new crown pneumonia disrupted the normal social and economic order. In order to help enterprises and colleges to prevent and control the epidemic situation, Xuzi science and technology has made every effort to develop epidemic prevention and control equipment suitable for different scenarios, including intelligent thermal imaging human body temperature measuring equipment, temperature measuring face recognition terminal, disinfection robot and other equipment, so as to improve the prevention for enterprises and colleges Epidemic work efficiency, effectively reduce the risk of staff infection.


Xuzi technology always adheres to providing input equipment and information processing solutions for global customers, and is committed to promoting social development and reform through innovative information technology, creating new lifestyle for individuals, achieving value for customers, creating wealth for enterprises, and building harmony for society.