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 Xuzi intelligent thermal imaging human body temperature measurement equipment

Xuzi intelligent thermal imaging human body temperature measurement equipment

Xuzi intelligent thermal imaging human body temperature measurement equipment helps to prevent and control the epidemic situation, and provides an important guarantee for the smooth resumption of work and school.

Programme overview



two thousand and twenty The sudden new type of coronary epidemic in, has brought great influence to our country and people. In order to curb the spread of the virus and find out the personnel with abnormal body temperature in time, personnel control is conducted at each entrance and exit, and the manual temperature measurement gun is used for temperature measurement.


However, there are many pain points in the current scheme as follows:


Slow efficiency

Queuing congestion is easy to occur


High cost

Manual detection, high cost


High risk

Personnel contact, there is a risk of cross infection


The identity of the personnel could not be verified

Illegal personnel swipe the card by stealing, follow and so on to enter


Product introduction


 Xuzi intelligent thermal imaging human body temperature measurement equipment

Xuzi Intelligent thermal imaging human body temperature measurement equipment It is a non-contact tool with dual light body temperature measurement. It has the advantages of fast response, high precision and non-contact temperature measurement. It can measure the temperature of multiple human bodies at the same time, and take photos and alarm the detected objects with abnormal body temperature.


This product uses intelligent recognition technology, which can automatically detect and track multiple targets in the scene, and automatically analyze the best temperature measurement posture and temperature measurement points of the target, and conduct accurate temperature measurement. This product has the advantages of fast temperature measurement, good adaptability to target posture, and non-contact and non-interference temperature measurement for multiple people at the same time. Therefore, it can be used in stations, airports, schools, hospitals and other crowded places for screening and early warning of personnel temperature, effectively preventing the spread and spread of infectious diseases, and ensuring people's life and life safety.


Product advantages


Fast response: 40 millisecond response, it can detect more than 30 people at the same time, and can measure temperature intelligently;

Non contact: the monitored personnel can complete the monitoring through the field of view area of thermal imaging equipment, and there is no need to contact each other in the whole process to avoid cross infection;

High precision temperature measurement: built in correction algorithm of facial temperature lattice, combined with blackbody proofreading, the temperature measurement accuracy is ± 0.3 ℃

It adopts visible light and infrared dual light fusion detection technology to ensure test accuracy and reliability, and has low requirements for test targets, and can intelligently capture human faces and temperature measurement points

The artificial neural network technology is used to restore and reproduce the part of the face covered by the mask, so as to assist in the comparison of witnesses

Edge computing, convenient operation: low power edge computing technology through the embedded neural network processor, without cumbersome cloud service configuration, complete the system deployment within 1 hour

Product performance