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Cloud encryption technology solutions

1、 Purpose of scheme design

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    Informatization is the general trend of economic and social development in the world. The rapid development of information technology has brought far-reaching impact on human production and life. The daily work and life of people in all walks of life are inseparable from the information-based Internet. The government implements paperless office; businessmen carry out all kinds of trade on the third-party trading platform; schools carry out remote network teaching; citizens use mobile phones and tablet computers and other electronic devices to query information, consume, make friends, and entertainment. The network is changing the way of life and work of thousands of families. More and more people improve their work efficiency and enrich their daily life with the help of information network.

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    However, the Internet has its own disadvantages. It is a fully open system. Information may be eavesdropped by infringers in the process of transmission. The network security problem caused by this is increasingly serious. ID card number, home address, mobile phone number and other information are being collected by rogue software and sent to the third party's illegal server through the network background; sensitive information such as bank account number and password is stolen by Trojan horse after being input on unsafe trading platform; enterprise's office computer is attacked by hackers due to system security loopholes, resulting in the disclosure of a large number of business secrets.

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    There is no doubt that encryption technology, as the basic security technology in the information age, will play an indispensable role in the development of the information age. It is a necessary tonic to determine the growth of the information age, and it is also the eternal patron saint.


2、 Principle of scheme design


Adopt international advanced, mainstream and mature encryption algorithm


In the algorithm application, it can not only ensure the security, but also ensure the encryption speed, which affects the user experience


3、 System function

Xuzi technology is a high-tech enterprise that has been focusing on providing information encryption solutions for all walks of life for many years. At present, Xuzi cloud encryption technology has been widely used in financial security, medical institutions, retail, insurance, communication, public facilities and other fields, protecting the most sensitive data in the world: Domestic and foreign payment processing institutions and large banks It is also the information security of hundreds of large, medium and small medical institutions, local banks and insurance providers.

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4、 Product features


Support the encryption of all kinds of communication interface devices, including SPI, IIC, USART, USB, etc., to adapt to a variety of products.

Support the encryption scheme of accessories meeting various functions, including pin keyboard encryption, touch screen encryption, handwritten signature board encryption, banknote core encryption, card issuing machine encryption, card reader encryption, one and two-dimensional code scanning gun encryption, data encryption of common communication equipment, etc.

Protect the physical security of encryption hardware itself, and support the basic security of encryption hardware, such as anti disassembly, anti drilling and anti replacement.

Protect the logic security of the encryption hardware itself, store sensitive data ciphertext, random key, one machine one secret.


5、 Product display


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